White House Summit: Developing a Bold Vision for Commercial Fusion Energy

Post Road Foundation was honored to contribute energy ethics expertise to a White House Summit focused on developing a bold vision for commercial fusion energy. Seth Hoedl, President, moderated a panel on energy justice, public engagement, the just transition, and social acceptance. The panel explored how the U.S. fusion industry can approach energy ethics so that fusion can scale, be internationally competitive, meet the needs of all Americans and achieve impact for climate change, energy independence and national security. Panelists included:

  • – Ms. Shalanda Baker, Senior Advisor at the Department of Energy
  • – Dr. Matt McKinzie, Senior Director at the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • – Prof. Stephanie Diem, Assistant Professor of Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • – Ms. Amy Roma, Partner at Hogan Lovells
  • – Ms. Amelia Chambliss, a soon to be Ph.D. student at Columbia University

A readout of the event is available here.